ArcStone Technologies

Virtual Workspace

In many ways, Arcstone is a virtual company. Their employees don't all work in the same place. Whenever they use a tool for a particular task, they need a tool that can work with a loosely connected group of people who are collaborating but who are also carrying on with their individual tasks.

On larger projects, things frequently don't culminate until right before the final product has to be delivered to the client, so that means they need production tools that can make that quick turnover happen.

Simple Yet Powerful

ArcStone leverages Smartbins as a tool to get their clients more involved in the production of their website, application, design work, or any other project we're are working together to complete. They can collaborate with ArcStone in an environment that is easy for anyone to use, and safe to deliver and store their important information.


ArcStone evaluated at other workflow systems that were all incredibly overpriced and overcomplicated. They found ways to create ad-hoc workflows in Smartbins easily and start using them immediately to track information and measure the progress of our projects.

When project managers create tags and share files, the workflows seem to happen all on their own without ArcStone having to think about it.

Every type of resource involved in a project finds Smartbins useful: Project managers, sales people, programmers—everyone. No matter their specific role in a particular project, every user can benefit from Smartbins' intuitive functionality.