Franklin Press

Superior Service Starts With Smartbins

Franklin Press - Managing Client-Uploaded Files

The Opportunity

Always looking for ways to improve and streamline their processes, Franklin Press felt the need to explore new ideas for their electronic workflow. While their processes were good, they knew they could be improved. Franklin Press needed an all-in-one solution that could be managed from one place online.

Workflow Automation

Smartbins consulted with Franklin Press to determine workflow issues and set up a custom library that automatically populated each file with tags based on what customers entered on the website. After customers upload their files, they can be shared, tracked, and stored within the Franklin Press library. No files, contracts or print jobs are unaccounted for.


In the past, customers would either physically transfer their digital files on CD via a courier service, or upload them through a multiple step process to an FTP folder on the Franklin Press website. Both processes consumed valuable time, and in an industry with continually decreasing production lead times, they knew they would need to do better.

The essential piece for Franklin Press is how Smartbins plugs seamlessly into their public website. Customers can instantly upload their print jobs through the Franklin Press online portal with just a few clicks of a button.

Both Franklin Press and its customers now feel the direct benefits of using Smartbins.

Customers Like:

  • Saving money in courier fees
  • Sending files instanteously online
  • Eliminating complex FTP transfers
  • Knowing all files are backed up

Staff Like:

  • Automatically organized files
  • Idiot-proof, automated workflow
  • Keeping all files centrally online
  • Accessing from anywhere with Internet