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The Problem

The indie band MayaFlyer collaborates with musicians across the country and even worldwide to create their "psychorootsafolkadelic" music.

In the past, band members would have to burn a CD with audio tracks and mixes and mail them across country – or sometimes even as far as France. Discs would get damaged, mailing things internationally strained pursestrings unnecessarily, and the whole process took too much time. Archiving was an afterthought, if it was done at all.


Now, as soon as band members record a track, they can immediately upload into their Smartbins library that organizes and automatically archives all their music. Members can instantly download files from anywhere in the world, as long as they are connected to the internet.

Here's an example. One of Mayaflyer's contributors is a drummer from Madison. He can record his drum track for a song in his studio and upload it to their shared Smartbins library. There, the Minnesota contingent can instantly grab the file, remix it, and upload a revised version. Versions are kept intact and chronicologically ordered with the file history feature.

Another contributor, Wade, a bassist who also lives out of town, needs to know the tempo and feel of the song before he can record his track. Mayaflyer uploads a mix that's real heavy on the drives that Wade can play bass to, hear the drums, and get his timing perfect.


Smartbins takes all the guesswork out of workflow, despite Mayaflyer's scattered members. Their library is configured so that certain tags can be turned on or off to indicate where a particular song is in the work process. Files can be tagged "Arrangement," "Recording," "Mixing," and "Mastering," which indicates to fellow bandmates what stage each file is in without even communicating with each other.


Forget the thumb drives, hard drives, various laptops and multiple studios. Archiving master files is now incredibly simple.

What's most useful is Mayaflyer now actually has a central hub for everything. Once Lisa collects ambient sounds and random recordings, she instantly uploads them to the library. If Mayaflyer remembers that rooster call they recorded, they no longer have to go digging through several studios and poorly marked discs in order to find the track.