Multidimensional Organization That Works

PDMA BoK - Multidimensional File Organization

The Problem

The Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) has a document repository called the body of knowledge (BOK). Its first generation system fell short and was awkward to maintain and use - files were inaccessible, unsearchable, and unmarketable. The PDMA needed a way for visitors to be immediately see an overview of the body of knowledge content, and for members to view and download files easily.

The Solution

Collaborating with PDMA to develop an innovative matrix-style layout, Smartbins developed a plug-in that displays a dynamic interface, allowing visitors and members to see some of the files included in the body of knowledge. Visitors can click on areas of the matrix to view snippets of documents, but they have to sign up for membership to view or download the entire document.

The Smartbins back-end interface allows PDMA staff to manage all the files and quickly populate the matrix just by tagging documents. A file's position in the matrix is determined by its tags. Because Smartbins works dynamically, the minute PDMA staff update their library, the contents displayed on their website will automatically update as well.


PDMA can now effectively market their entire body of knowledge to visitors, giving them incentive to become members.

Visitors and Members Like:

  • Viewing an overview of BOK
  • Searching by keyword or tag
  • Viewing and downloading instantly
  • Accessing anywhere online

Staff Like:

  • Increasing BOK visibility
  • Dynamically populating the BOK
  • Organizing files centrally
  • Accessing anywhere online